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About the Author
Brad Aiken is a physician in Miami, Florida, and has been recognized by Miami Metro Magazine as one of the top physicians in his field in the South Florida area.  He has published several scientific articles, and has presented to both professional and non-professional groups on a variety of topics.

Dr. Aiken has received numerous science awards, including the Navy Science Award, as well as awards from the Army, the Air Force and NASA.  He began writing science fiction while in college at Boston University, and published his first book, Starscape: The Silver Bullet, in 2000.  His latest book, Zone of the Tenth Degree, was published in Aug, 2012.

His short stories have appeared in Analog Science Fiction and Fact, Padwolf Presents, and the vampire anthology New Blood.
Short Stories
The Hill
Billy Dayton
Padwolf Publishing
available at
Fire in the Soul
Miami Herald
Author Spotlight
Rising Star Profile
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Malinche Science Fiction
Experience interactive science fiction where you are the hero (or heroine!) in a fantasy adventure.
Locked In
  Analog Science Fiction and Fact. March 2010
Questioning the Tree
  Analog Science Fiction and Fact.  July/August, 2010
reprinted in russian as:
System of Answers
ESLI June, 2011
Tequilla Sunset
in the
New Blood anthology
Padwolf Publishing 2010
Hiding from Nobel
Analog Science Fiction and Fact. March 2011
reprinted in russian :
ESLI  Dec, 2011

Freudian Slipstream
Analog Science Fiction and Fact. Dec 2011
Done That, Never Been There
Analog Science Fiction and Fact. Sept 2012
The Last clone
Analog Science Fiction and Fact. April, 2013
South Florida Science Fiction Society
Medical SF
The Invasion of Modern Medicine by Science Fiction
The Search for the Fountain of Youth
- a historical perspective about how SF has influenced the development of new medical  technologies and where it's all leading.
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