Mind Fields
Mind Fields is a futuristic techno-
thriller that winds its way from the
placid hills of Lazio, Italy to the
tangled web of Washington politics.  
It’s a fast-paced story that
explores the use and abuse of the
emerging technology of
nanomedicine, and the plans of a
renegade agent to develop a mind-
control weapon with the intention of
assassinating the president of the
United States.

“Imagine a world without surgery.  
Imagine having the ability to analyze
and repair damage to the human
brain without making a single incision.
You are imagining a nanobot, a
programmable robot about the size of
a single human cell.�
        -- Dr. Sandi Fletcher,
           Johns HopkinsUniversity
           June 5, 2045.

Special Agent Trace McKnight can
imagine a very different world; a world
in which nanobots implanted in the
human brain can be used to control
the actions and thoughts of their host,
turning any man into the perfect killing
Through his NSA connections,
McKnight infiltrates Dr. Fletcher’s
lab to steal her research, but soon
arouses her suspicions.  She enlists
the help of local Baltimore police
detective Richie Kincade, and they
soon find themselves caught up in a
web of espionage that places them
directly in the cross-hairs of a
subversive NSA agent, a man feared
even by those within his own
By the time they realize what theyâ
€™ve stumbled on, there’s no
way out.
The ultimate cure.
The ultimate weapon.
Welcome to a world where
your thoughts may not always
be your own.

In his latest sci-fi novel, Mind Fields,
Brad Aiken's brilliance as a writer
weaves a strikingly vivid tale of scientific
advancement that leads to a terrifying
vision of the future.  The resulting
rollecoaster ride of action and suspense
kept me on the edge of my seat
throughout the entire novel!

-- Melissa Minners