This was a fun cross over book between the
old west and sci-fi. The author, Bradley Aiken,
has created a fast paced story that twists and
turns it's way through time and space. He
employs both humor and feeling in the story.
I recommend it and am looking forward to his
next novel.


People who work regularly with children's
literature say [this title] spark[s] some of the
best responses from kids.

--Marjorie Coeyman,
                         The Christian Science Monitor
For nearly five centuries, humans have
peacefully coexisted with the Neanderthals
they had banished to the planet Teconea.
But now, the Neanderthals want their home
world back. They have amassed a vast
armada, well concealed in the ion storms of
the Orion system until Danny Stryker, a
Federation trader, stumbles upon their
Mankind's best hope of survival against
the powerful Teconean Empire lies in the
hands of a small group of scientists who
are feverishly working on a new defensive
superweapon.  The device is nearly
complete, but the final design of its energy
source, a small obelisk-shaped particle
accelerator, eludes them.
As the invasion draws near, Stryker
discovers that the iridescent obelisk has
been lost in time. The only chance of
completing the weapon before the attack is
launched is to send someone back to
nineteenth century California in search of
the obelisk. An aficionado of the Old West,
Stryker anxiously volunteers to make the
trip. Fitting into the nineteenth century has
its challenges for a starship captain, and to
make matters worse, Teconean spies have
infiltrated deep into the ranks of the Space
The race through time and space is on.
In 2497
Earth is About to Come Under Attack
by its Former Inhabitants