At the dawn of the twenty-sixth
century, man’s definition of life is
about to change.
It has been nearly three years since
Captain Danny Stryker helped stave off
the Teconean invasion of Earth.  Peace
has prevailed in the galaxy and the much-
anticipated centennial celebration of 2500
is about to begin.
The festivities provide the perfect
backdrop for Stryker’s enemies to
exact their revenge.  Stryker is framed
for the theft of a top-secret military
weapon, and is forced to flee his home
world of Kennedy Prime in search of the
evidence that will clear his name.  As his
quest begins, an artificial intelligence life
form has entered the galaxy and started
to launch a series of covert attacks
against the Empire.
The Teconeans assume that the
Federation is responsible, and a tenuous
peace is about to unravel.  As Stryker
chases his nemesis into Teconean space,
he finds himself thrown into the middle
of the battle.  Knowing that Earth may
well be the aliens’ next target, Stryker
must decide whether to let them destroy
the Empire, or to join forces with his
Teconean enemies against the invaders.
The key to the mysterious aliens lies
buried on the moon of Kennedy Prime,
and it’s up to Stryker to solve the
puzzle before war begins.  The fate of
the galaxy is at stake.
The secret of the past's future,
and the key to the future's past,
lies buried on the moon of the of
the human outworld, Kennedy

“It’s a fun, fast-paced story that takes
you back to a simpler time. If you like
larger-than-life do-no-wrong heroes in a
universe where good and evil are as
clear as black and white than look  no

Michael D. Pederson
Nth DEGREE Magazine
“The Starscape Project by Brad Aiken,
is a quick and exciting read...  From the
introduction chapter, the reader’s
imagination is captured, making it hard to
put down this novel until the very last
page has been turned.
"The Starscape Project by Brad Aiken –
a must read for all science fiction buffs
out there! "

Talon Karrde