In 1912, an alien ship crash
lands in the Atlantic Ocean,
setting up a secret colony that
remains undetected for
centuries, allowing them to
manipulate some of the most
important events in human
history -- from the sinking of the
Titanic to the Bermuda Triangle
to global warming.

Now, the technology of the 26th
century has discovered the
aliens' distress beacon, and it's a
race against time as the Navy
tries to stop a terrorist armed
with a nuclear weapon from
destroying the colony and
triggereing an all-out war as the
mother-ship approaches.
A glimpse into the effects of global
warming in the twenty-sixth
century, when a young woman  
gets sucked into the Atlantic
Ocean and awakens to find
herself imprisoned on a 600 year
old luxury liner at the bottom of the
Bermuda Triangle
Brad Aiken is the future of
humane, thoughtful science

Adam-Troy Castro
Zone of the Tenth Degree is the
best Starscape novel of the
bunch.  there's action, adventure,
time travel, aliens and incredible
new medical technology.  What
more could a sci-fi geek ask for?  
I know - more Starscape stories,
please! "

Melissa Minners